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Pimples On BackPimples on back can be very embarrassing in some occasions for pretty girls. As we know that summer is the best time to show the figure and beauty on the street and beach. Just imagine that how a lovely scene it would be to see a pretty girl in backless dress in summer. If you got many annoying back acne and back acne scars, you have the reason to resent backless dress. However, in general compared with other pimples like pimples on penis, acne on back is relatively acceptable to some others if they are too lazy to find the effective back acne treatment.

Causes of pimples on back

Summer is also the best season for back pimples. Medical studies have shown that age and sex have little impact on pimples breakouts, but season does. In summer, high temperature and stifle environment significantly stimulate the secretion of sebum on back and the proliferation rate of keratinocytes.

These terrible wastes of sebum and old keratin mixed with sweat are very easy to block the big pores on back, which become the hotbed for bacteria and other micro-organism. Therefore, body acne like back acne and chest acne will just break out necessarily.

In addition, according to the experience of dermatologists, 60% people with scalp pimples are troubled by acne on back too. And people with oily skin are at high risk for suffering from back acne.

How to get rid of back acne fast

This question is so hard to answer as acne on back can be triggered by a few different causes? However, inspired from many successful back acne remedies, here are a few valuable experiences available for back acne treatment for your reference.

1. Drink a lot of water and exercise more can help a lot in many cases. Water can keep moistening our skin and exercises speed up blood circulation to expel the toxic and wastes out of the body along with sweating;

2. Changing your lifestyle, especially those bad habits, can remove pimples on back for ever;

3. DIY back acne treatment to remove back acne. After shower, put on the hot washcloth on back or steaming your back to let the pores open. And then use hygiene methods for pimple popping. Finally smear some dedicated skin care lotion. After all the steps, the situation of your pimples on back will improve very soon;

4. You may ask for help from professional beauty salon on how to treat back acne. In fact, the back acne remedies of hot pack, back massage, exfoliating and cleaning can improve and relieve your acne on back significantly;

5. As for how to get rid of pimples quickly, especially those sporadic big acne on back, facial ointment with AHA can be very helpful:

6. In addition, in some cases, a cleanser with salicylic acid and medicines with benzoyl peroxide are required in order to get rid of pimples overnight. But it depends on the situation. Do ask your dermatologist’s opinion before taking this kind of remedies;

7. If the inflammation is rather heavy, the treatment by antibiotics, topical retinoids and injecting cortisone can be the best option to counter back pimples.

Put on whatever you want to dress now because you are now acne free

Most girls just neglect body acne like chest acne and acne on back. What they care about is only their faces. However, this is quite wrong idea. The real beauty, in fact, wants a whole perfect beauty from inside out. They won’t let go even the tiny details. Treat your back pimples by following these useful tips effectively. When summer comes, you will be not afraid of wearing backless dress outside any more. Pimples on back will never embarrass you any more as now you are acne free again.   Find out the solution for acne on back here How to get rid of Back acne